E47 – The Scissor Sisters Murder

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When American pop rock band, The Scissor Sisters came up with its name back in the early 2000s, it was derived from New York's nightlife and gay culture. After being signed with British label Polydor and releasing their debut album in 2004, the band went to No 1 in the UK. And not long after that, their name began to appear in Irish news too—but not because the band was gaining popularity in their neighbouring country. Unfortunately for the band, the moniker “The Scissor Sisters' was given to real life sisters, Charlotte and Linda Mulhall, due to the nightmarish nature of their crime.

The Torso in the Canal

Linda and Charlotte MULHALL

Scissor Sisters' mum released – and looking for Travellers' help

Scissor Sisters murder: A look back on one of the most gruesome and brutal cases in Ireland

Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall' one step closer to freedom' as she 'could be given unsupervised day release from jail'

Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall gets more day releases – and could be fully freed this year

Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall could be fully freed this year as she gets more day releases

Pictured for first time after release – the 'Scissor Sister' who cut up her mother's lover

'Scissor' mother dated rapist after fleeing to UK

Mulhall sister sentenced to life

Man gets seven years jail for cruelty to children

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