Month: February 2023

Episode 45 – The Crimes Of Ian Watkins

This story discusses sexual assault, paedophilia, incest and drug use. It is one of the worst cases of these crimes to be tried before the courts in living memory.

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Episode 44 – Who Killed Jill Dando?

Two decades ago, a talented and much-loved TV presenter Jill Dando was shot outside her London home in broad daylight with a single bullet to the head. An extensive investigation followed, resulting in one man’s conviction and imprisonment for the cold-blooded murder—just for him being acquitted eight years later.

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Episode 43 – The Brutal Murder Of James Bulger – Part 3 ​

In this episode, we will walk through the trial of John Venables and Robert Thompson and the sentence that Britain’s youngest killers received. But more importantly, we will cover what came after the trial, the public’s response to James’s murder and the way Britain and its laws changed in the wake of his terrible death.

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