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About Rhiannon Doe

Launched in December 2021, Rhiannon Doe is quickly gathering audiences from around the Globe since debuting her podcast – True Crime Britain. 

Having experienced first-hand the obstacles people face just to be taken seriously by authorities in certain instances, Rhiannon decided she wanted to help.  After following the story for just under a decade, mother of 3 Rhiannon finally mustered the courage to reach out to the father of a local 24-year-old missing man, and after some in depth conversations and hours of research, Rhiannon’s determination to make a difference finally became a reality when, after a challenging few months of researching, interviewing family and friends, editing and producing everything herself – True Crime Britain was created. 

 If you are interested in True Crime, unsolved Mystery and Thrillers – then you won’t be disappointed. With her compassionate nature and unique approach, Rhiannon will keep you engaged as she hosts weekly episodes in her dedication to being the voice of those who can no longer speak. 

True crime Britain features some of the most disturbing, heart-breaking and mysterious solved & cold cases committed in the United Kingdom. Crimes that have shocked and shaped us as a nation and beyond. Crimes where we may not always recall the specifics but, we will always remember the victims.  

Along the way, you’ll learn about Great Britain itself, the towns and boroughs that make up its vast landscape as we look inside the mind of predators, their prey and their hunting grounds.  

New episodes are released every Wednesday! You can subscribe now, so you never miss an episode, by simply searching for True Crime Britain on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher – or wherever you get your podcasts! 


But, while Rhiannon may have created this whole thing, it’s only fair to share the Glory with the individuals, who deserve recognition for the roles they play in keeping the podcast wheels turning smoothly for you too. 

 Fran Howard – Website design & Maintenance  

As well as doing a fine job of creating & designing this website, Fran is responsible for updating it with the latest episodes, photo’s, general information & more, ensuring you have everything True Crime Britain related, all in one place! 

You can contact Fran here 

 Kwesi – Voiceover 

I’m sure you’ll agree, Kwesi’s smooth & crystal clear voiceover is a great addition to the show. The sound of his voice speaks for itself… literally! 

You can contact Kwesi here: 

 Sophie Wild – Research & Script Writing 

Sophie is the newest member of the team, and a wonderful addition at that! Sophie has been responsible for the research & writing of several scripts so far, which have been thoroughly researched & beautifully written. You will have many more to look forward to too! 

You can contact Sophie here