Month: May 2023

Episode 51 – The Murder of Banaz Mahmod

Banaz Mahmod was a young woman living in the UK whilst simultaneously imprisoned by the strict beliefs of her culture. After a childhood spent in a war-torn country, her family escaped for a safer life in the UK. But western culture clashed deeply with her community, and she was torn between honouring her family and honouring herself.

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Episode 50 – The Murder of Jo Cox

In broad daylight on a warm summer afternoon in 2016, British politician and MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, was murdered in cold blood. Horrified witnesses at the scene scrambled at the sound of gunshots and the sight of an unknown attacker with a sawn-off rifle and knife in hand. Jo Cox’s death stunned the nation and sent shockwaves through Britain’s political circle.

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