E45 – The Monster Of Worcester

This episode contains descriptions of a graphic nature regarding the murder of children. Listener discretion is advised.

On a cold and wintery night in Worcester England, neighbours hear high-pitched screams pierce through the tranquil darkness. Even to the untrained ear, the screams sound as if they are coming from terrified children. Neighbours peer through their blinds in the direction of the screams. They are coming from the usually quiet home of Elsie and Clive Ralph – But nothing appears out of place at the home. A cautious neighbour decides it's better to be safe than sorry and decides to call Police just in case one of the children is in trouble. 

Uncannily and perhaps forebodingly, it was the night of Friday the 13th. For all of the superstition that the date entails, no one could have predicted the horrors that would become evident in the night's lifting gloom. 

It was Friday the 13th of April 1973 – a date which will forever be known as the birth of The Monster of Worcester. A night when a city – and indeed a country – came face to face with the worst kind of monster – a child killer.









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