On December 11, 1975, two police officers, Tony White and Stuart MacKenzie, were sat in their police panda car on a side road in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They were observing the passing traffic, keeping a lookout out for any drivers breaking the rules—but then they noticed a man behaving strangely on the pavement on the opposite street. While it was dark and the officers could not see the man clearly, it looked as though this person was trying to hide his face when he noticed the police car. It soon dawned on Officers White and MacKenzie, that they were close to the local sub-post office. Due to the numerous armed robberies within the last three years, everyone in the force knew to be on the lookout for anything suspicious within the vicinity of post offices— so the officers decided to call the man over to question him.

 At that moment, Officers Tony White and Stuart MacKenzie could not have guessed that they had just encountered Britain's Most Wanted Man.

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RAIDS, MURDER AND KIDNAPPING… THE DONALD NEILSEN FILE: How police put an end to Black Panther's killing spree; DATELINE December 11, 1975.

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