E36 – The Twilight Murders – Kim Edwards & Lucas Markham

On Friday, April 15, 2016, the police showed up at a semi-detached house on Dawson Avenue in Spalding, Lincolnshire. It was the home of the Edwards family, 49-year-old Elizabeth and her two daughters, 13-year-old Katie and 14-year-old Kim, whom no one had seen for a couple of days.

After receiving no response, the officers forced their way inside the home, and uncovered a crime that sent chills down the spine of even the most seasoned detectives.

Sick explanation teen Twilight killer used for motive behind mum and sister murder

Chilling moment Twilight killers decided to kill mum and sister before having sex on sofa

Killers at 14: The Story of the UK's Youngest Double Murderers

The Twilight Killers

Teenage 'Twilight' killers jailed for life for stabbing mum and daughter through the throats in their beds

'NO REMORSE' Twilight Killers showed 'serial killer traits' when they murdered mum and daughter, claims top TV criminologist

DEATH DRIVE Twilight killers' twisted revenge fantasies left teens' excited' to slaughter mum and sister in kitchen knife bloodbath

Chilling confession of Twilight teenage murderer who stabbed her mum and sister through voice box so they couldn't scream

Britain's youngest double murderers describe their crimes in chilling police interview tapes published for first time

TWILIGHT KILLERS My twisted sister got her boyfriend to stab our mum and sister to death before having sex with him downstairs

Inside the minds of the Twilight killers: Interviews reveal the chilling reasons girl and her boyfriend, both 14, gave for murdering her mother and sister (but experts disagree over who is REALLY to blame)

Kim Edwards: The girl who killed her mother and sister

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