When a few days had passed in October 2009, without anybody seeing 50-year-old Alan Wood at work or sitting at his favourite pub, his friends and colleagues began to worry. It was not like Alan to disappear like that, and so a friend and colleague drove to his house in Lound, Lincolnshire, to check on him.

What they discovered inside Alan's bungalow was like a still from a slasher movie.

 Anyone having information concerning the murder of Alan Wood should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting Operation Magnesium, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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Operation Magnesium

Alan Wood Murder

Google Maps – Alan's house

Alan Wood death: 'New leads' in 2009 'disturbing murder'

Police investigating the murder of Alan Wood say their 10-year-on appeal resulted in
new calls from the public

Alan Wood murder: Police launch new appeal 10 years after Sainsbury's worker was
brutally tortured and killed

Tortured and murdered: 10 years after brutal killing, police won't give up on Alan

10 years on from brutal Lincolnshire murder of Alan Wood from Gillingham police
renew appeal to find killer

DNA found at murder victim Alan Wood's Lound home will be reworked under new
forensic tests to help bring killer to justice

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