E33 – The Murder Of Eve Stratford

21-year-old Eve Stratford was an ambitious young woman with big plans for her future.
She loved her job as a Bunny at a Playboy club in London but did not want to wait tables forever—instead, Eve pursued a career as a model and wanted to become a star.

But just when it seemed that the doors began to open for Eve, she was found brutally murdered in her own home.

Three decades later, Scotland Yard uncovered DNA evidence proving Eve's murderer did not kill just once.

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The Bunny Killer of 1975 – Eve Stratford and Lynne Weedon

Eve Stratford: the bunny girl who was murdered

Police find DNA link in murders of school pupil and Bunny girl

The brutal unsolved murder where mystery killer cut Leyton Playboy bunny's throat
'almost a dozen times'

The Playboy Bunny murder: Model's head 'almost severed' in brutal unsolved killing

Police renew appeal over two 1975 London murders

Eve Stratford and Lynne Weedon murders: Fresh appeal 40 years after linked killings
of teenager and bunny girl

Chilling way Playboy Bunny's dad found out she was dead before mum died of
broken heart

40 years after committing a double murder, is time up for the Bunny Girl Killer?

The Editor, the Underworld Fixer or the Yorkshire Ripper – who killed Playboy Bunny?

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