If you think about a midlife crisis, what comes to mind? 

The fear of mortality and the desire to be young again are normal things that most of us will face at some point. Everyone reacts to getting older differently, and a midlife crisis may cause some to change their behaviour drastically—wanting to experience new things and being impulsive are very common “symptoms”. 

But when Peter Morgan was getting into his 50s, he went through a midlife crisis like no other. His impulses did not include just buying expensive things and having extramarital affairs but also murder. 

 10 Steps to Murder – Peter Morgan R v Peter Morgan Murderer

 Peter Morgan had a mid-life crisis, visiting prostitutes, and giving Georgina Symonds a Range Rover worth £12,000 

Millionaire Peter Morgan killed escort over threesome video 

Netflix My Lover My Killer: Millionaire murdered young woman after bugging her conversations 

Millionaire jailed for life for murder of escort Georgina Symonds 

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