E27 – The Morgue Monster, David Fuller

Back in 1987, two young women were murdered and sexually abused in separate attacks in Kent, England. The authorities were able to collect evidence from both crime scenes, but due to DNA analysis being still in its infancy, the killer remained unidentified for decades—likely thinking they got away with it.

But in 2020, there was a breakthrough. Finally, after 33 years, the police had a name, a prime suspect. But nobody could have imagined the extent of horrors investigators were about to uncover when they raided 66-year-old David Fuller's home.

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Regina v David Fuller – Sentence 

David Fuller: the story of the 'morgue monster' whose crimes repulsed 

David Fuller trial: Wendy Knell's former boyfriend felt daily guilt over death 'Caroline Pierce had locks fitted to her windows because she was worried about a prowler' 

Wendy Knell's boyfriend 'sat down and cried eyes out' after finding her body, court hears

David Fuller: Killer who abused mortuary bodies will die in jail David Fuller jailed for murder of two women and abuse of over 100 corpses

UK judge blasts murderer who sexually abused over 100 corpses 

David Fuller murders: who is Tunbridge Wells killer who abused corpses in Kent morgue – what is his sentence? 

David Fuller: How a depraved double murderer ruined the lives of dozens of grieving families before being brought to justice

David Fuller: How familial DNA helped detectives catch the 'bedsit killer' who preyed in morgues 

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