E26 – The Murder Of Alesha McPhail

On the 2nd of July 2018, 6-year-old Alesha was taken from her bedroom in the middle of the night, and brutally murdered less than 15 minutes away from her home.Police quickly arrest a suspect, but as the hideous details of the crime come to light, it sends shockwaves throughout the nation when it's revealed that the perpetrator, was a child himself.

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Alesha MacPhail murder accused had 'fantasy' killing chat

Scottish Borders makes it into the top ten safest places to live in Scotland

Alesha MacPhail: Teenager accused of raping and killing six-year-old 'sent laughing emojis
after she went missing'

Teenage murderer of Alesha MacPhail named as Aaron Campbell

Alesha MacPhail: The teenage killer caught by his mother's CCTVAlesha MacPhail's father 'sold cannabis to murder accused'

Alesha MacPhail: Funeral held for 'special little girl' found dead on Isle of Bute

Alesha MacPhail: The little girl with the 'big beautiful smile'Alesha MacPhail remembered in emotional birthday vigil as mum shares wish School's tribute to 'smiley, happy' Alesha MacPhail

Alesha MacPhail murder: The schoolboy who became an opportunistic killer

Mother of Alesha MacPhail's killer led police to his door

'You've taken the wrong wee girl from the wrong family, you disgusting, vile rat': Mum says she looks forward to the day her daughter's killer is dead

Alesha MacPhail murder trial: Six-year-old's injuries 'catastrophic' 

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