E25 – The Mysterious Case Of Fred The Head

Five decades ago, a body of an unknown male was found in a shallow grave in Burton. Without identification or matching missing person reports, the investigators were set on a long road trying to figure out who the so-called 'Fred the Head was'?

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 Did the Camden Killer Murder Fred the Head?

 Who was Fred the Head ?

 Mysterious case of Fred the Head – a grisly crime unsolved after 50 years

 Riddle of kneeling body in pink socks found 46 years ago

 Fred the Head When A Dead Body Is Found, How Do We Reveal Their Identity?

 Winshill Mystery Burton murder case Fred the Head might be victim of Camden serial killer

Anthony Hardy Murder of man found naked in shallow grave in Burton featured on unsolved killings site

 What it's like living in Winshill 

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