When a Metropolitan Police officer told 33-year-old Sarah Everard that she was being arrested for breaching COVID-19 regulations, she agreed to go with him. There was no way for Sarah to know, Wayne Couzens was not out that night as a police officer – but as a predator hunting for prey.If you would like to support this show, please click here – https://ko-fi.com/somebodyknowsmoreBoundless love – The story of Sarah EverardWayne Couzens: All we know about the officer who plead guilty to Sarah EverardmurderDID HE USE COP ID?Sarah Everard: Timeline of murder case that rocked the nation one year onSarah Everard died from compression of the neck, say policeSarah Everard: What is the law on resisting arrest in UK?Who was Sarah Everard and what do we know about her?Sarah Everard: Met officer held over missing woman taken to hospitalWayne Couzens: The Met police officer who pleaded guilty to murder of SarahEverardSarah Everard: Images show victim with her killer Wayne Couzens moments beforehe abducted her, court hearsSarah Everard died from compression of the neck, say policeSarah Everard: How Wayne Couzens planned her murderSarah Everard: Post-mortem examination reveals more details about murder ofmarketing executive found in AshfordBritish Police Officer Charged With Murder in Killing of Sarah EverardDaughter, sister, friend: Remembering the ‘brilliant, beautiful’ Sarah EverardThe Enthusiasm Project
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