**This Episode contains sensitive content**

The crime that took place on a Sunday morning in 1999, was so gruesome that it
was described as an “orgy of savagery” by the prosecuting counsel. Four people from the same family lost their lives in the lower Swansea Valley during an attack that resulted in the most extensive murder investigations ever carried out by South Wales Police.
Eventually, a man was arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison for the murders of
Mandy Power, her two daughters, Katie and Emily, and her mother, Doris Dawson.
And still, many feel like justice was miscarried.


The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice
Murder In The Valleys: The case for and against David Morris’s conviction
Murder in The Valleys: The true story of the Clydach murders – Wales’ biggest police
Clydach murders: Police officer breaks 22-year silence to say ‘flawed’ investigation has
ruined his life
Family of man convicted of Clydach murders say ‘fight goes on’ despite damning
new evidence
Clydach murders: Killer David Morris dies in prison
Clydach murders: police review claims sock links Dai Morris to scene
Who killed Mandy and her family?
Life for three generation murderer
Clydach murders: Blood-stained sock links David Morris to scene of killings, police say
‘I became the devil’: Trauma of woman wrongly suspected of murdering an entire
family in Clydach
Clydach murders: Potential doubts over conviction of David Morris

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