When the naked body of 6-year-old Rikki Neave was found near his Peterborough, home on November the 29th, 1994, His abusive mother was initially seen as a suspect, but the case quickly went cold after she was acquitted.

It would take more than 25 years before someone was again charged with the murder of the tragic 6-year-old.

Will Rikki’s family finally get the closure they have been waiting for almost 30 years?




Rikki Neave: Mum’s child cruelty probed at murder trial

Rikki Neave: Mum ‘told the truth’ when she denied murder of son

Man, 40, accused of murdering Rikki Neave

Man, 40, goes on trial charged with 1994 murder of six-year-old Rikki Neave

Rikki Neave’s stepfather gives evidence to murder trial from beyond the grave

Rikki Neave murder trial: Mother of strangled six-year-old boy ‘had an interest in murders and unsolved crime’, court hears

Rikki Neave’s mother ‘horrified’ to be jailed for ‘smacking’ children

Rikki Neave’s mother denies catalogue of child abuse

Rikki Neave: Man Charged With 1994 Murder Of Six-Year-Old Schoolboy

Schoolboy was ‘strangled to death with own zip by older child’ – Trial

Rikki Neave death – timeline of events

‘Fundamental error’ meant Rikki Neave murder went unsolved for 20 years

Schoolboy Rikki Neave killed in 1994 in Peterborough was ‘strangled with his own coat’

Man, 40, ‘was 13 years old when he strangled Rikki Neave, six, in woodland in 1994 before posing his naked body in a star shape


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