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Hello, True Crime fans! Welcome to my blog post.

I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received from you since releasing my first two podcast episodes of Somebody Knows!

But first, as a community begins to form around my podcast, It’s only fair I share a bit about myself as we start to get to know each other a little better.

As you know, my name is Rhiannon Doe. I’m a married mother of 4 {well technically, I only have 3 biological children…The 4th is my husband}. I’m from South Wales and my hobbies include reading, writing, cake decorating, long walks, European travel & family days out.

While I love catching up with friends too, I can also be a bit of a hermit crab at times, enjoying nothing more than being in the comfort of my own home, in my loungewear & getting creative!


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A true empath, I tend to ‘feel’ more than what could be considered normal to others. While I’m a fan of true crime, unsolved murder & mysteries, I find some of the cases I’ve read about play on my mind longer than necessary at times and it briefly crosses my mind. “What if ‘that’ happened to one of my loved ones?” I quickly shut this intrusive thought down because, I couldn’t even begin to comprehend the idea of someone harming a hair on one of my precious family member’s heads, let alone imagining anything worse!

So, while I hug my children extra tight afterwards, grateful they’re safe and thankful ‘that’ kind of evil doesn’t exist in my world, I’m aware of the people who can’t hug their loved ones tonight, because they’re missing or have been murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are people who’s loved ones have been murdered, and their bodies are never found!

Which brings me to one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received so far…

Why did I start podcasting?

This is the question I’ve been asked the most, so here goes:

Year after year since January 2013, I had been following a tragic story in the media about a 24-year-old local man named Kyle Vaughan who had mysteriously vanished after a collision in his silver Peugeot 306 in the Welsh Valley’s.

Each year, I’d see the smiling face of this handsome young man staring back at me from the article. I’d read the heart-breaking appeals from Kyle’s parents, family & friends, silently sending my love, thoughts & hope to them in a show of silent support. What else could I do right?

Then, one day in November 2021, I stumbled across another article about Kyle. By now, my eldest son was in his early 20’s himself and my family had endured bereavements of our own in recent years too, so, the story hit me harder this time.

What happened next was completely and utterly random, even by my standards…

I had found Kyle’s father, Alan, on Facebook, detailing how I intended to help raise awareness in Kyle’s case. I was so nervous, but I needn’t have been because, as it turned out, Kyle’s father Alan was very grateful for the help, and I truly feel I’ve made a friend for life with him.

After hours of conversations and seeing what Alan had been up against for the last 9 years, I committed myself to helping and I was determined to do Kyle justice by being the voice of his story… but, how in the hell was I going to pull this off with zero podcasting experience?

And that my friend’s, brings me to my second most frequently asked question. How do I edit my podcasts? But that’s a story for another day!

I hope I’ve answered the first most asked question for you?

The support I’ve received from this little community we’re all creating around Somebody Knows has been amazing!  

As I’m working on the creation, editing and production of this podcast as a team of one, I’ve become aware of some small errors with some of my words and timing of the music after the process. I’m still working on that, right now it just feels so good to be doing something to help others.

Because I’m working on Kyle’s case in real time, the episodes are released as and when I’ve completed them. However, I’m working on a structure for new future episodes. I’ll update you on expected, consistent dates for release as that time nears.

I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Take Care & Stay safe,

Rhi. x