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Mini Bonus Episode - The Murder of Brian Jason Stock

Almost three decades ago, 33-year-old Brian Jason Stock was found severely injured inside his own home in Hull, East Yorkshire. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died later that day. While three people were immediately arrested, nobody has ever been charged with Jason’s murder. 

Unfortunately, there is very little that we know about Jason Stock—both about his life and untimely death. His case is one of those that is not widely reported and sadly seems to be somewhat forgotten by many.  

But what we do know is that in 2003 Jason was 33 years old and was described by his mother, Jackie, as being “lovely.” He lived in Alexandra Road, Hull and reportedly had a girlfriend, Danielle Chicklowski. Jason was also said to be a heavy drinker and was a regular in the pubs along Beverley Road. 

On November 2, 2003, Jason was found unconscious inside his ground floor flat after a night of drinking—he had injuries on his head, face, and over his body and appeared to be beaten or punched to the ground. Jason was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary, but he never woke up again to tell who had done this to him. Jason’s mother, Jackie, still remember when the police arrived at her door telling her son had been injured: 

 I just thought he had been up to mischief, but then they said something had happened to Jason. We went to the hospital, and he was on a life support machine. At the hospital, they said there was nothing there and nothing they could do.” 

Jason died that Sunday afternoon with his family at his bedside. Jason had a total of 66 separate injuries all over his body, but what had caused his death were the ones to his head done by a flat, heavy weapon. 

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During Jason’s inquest, it was heard that the 33-year-old had been previously abused both by his own girlfriend and friends during the months leading to his death. On one occasion, someone had allegedly hit Jason with an iron, a lamp and an ashtray and had stabbed him in the eye with a fork while drunk. 

Danielle and one of the friends—Jason’s flat mate Neil Daniel—refused to answer questions at the inquest on the grounds that they might incriminate themselves. It is believed both were present in the apartment when Jason received his injuries between 1:30 and 1:45 AM on Sunday, November 2. 

However, another friend said that he had hit Jason on the face the night before his death, apparently because he and his girlfriend had been fighting and the friend had tried to make them stop. He also said that Jason had hurt his head on the window ledge, adding: 

I dug him twice in the front, not hard, that’s all I did, then she kicked him in the head.” 

The friend in question changed his story later, saying he did not actually remember anything and had been drunk at the time. 

There was also a rumor going around that someone had waited for Jason in his apartment and attacked him once he arrived. However, police said they had found no evidence to support this theory. 

In the end, Jason’s inquest returned an open verdict recorded by Coroner Geoffrey Saul, and the case was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, but no charges were filed due to lack of evidence. 

The police had initially arrested two men—32 and 21 years old—and a 36-year-old woman, but all were later released after questioning.  

Since then, a lot of time has passed without progress in Jason Stock’s case—almost 20 years. Jackie has commented how difficult the situation is to the whole family: 

It has been so hard at times, it really has. I think about what he would have been like if he had lived – would he have had children? Would I have more grandchildren? My daughter misses him terribly, and so do his nieces. We were all really close. 

In addition, Jackie’s sister, June, has expressed her disbelieve how the people responsible for Jason’s death are still walking free: 

You never get over it. Whoever did this is still here, and he isn’t. It feels like they have got away with it. They’ve shown that you can actually get away with murder. Why haven’t they been brought to justice? 

Humberside Police say Jason’s case is not closed, but it will need new evidence to move forward. The case will be subject to review in due course. Meanwhile, Jackie keeps appealing to the public: 

If you know something, come forward. It isn’t too late. For us, his family, it’ll never be too late. If you know anything about Jason’s death, please tell the police…. We are in limbo. We had a funeral, but still, there’s no justice. I have said that I don’t think I will get closure while I’m alive, but I hope I am alive to see justice done.” 

Anyone with information about the death of Jason Stock is asked to contact Humberside Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. 


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