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WELCOME BACK – Please Listen!

Welcome back! I have missed you all. I have been super busy trying to make sure I get everything just right for you the last 2 weeks, and I've made some BIG changes! Somebody Knows More has rebranded and is now known as True Crime Britain. You can find the show here: True Crime BritainOr...

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Introductory episode for the re-branded edition of Somebody Knows More – TRUE CRIME BRITAIN Support the show

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E47 – The Scissor Sisters Murder

***There will be no new weekly episodes until Wednesday the 26th of October. Apologies for any convenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience & understanding*** When American pop rock band, The Scissor Sisters came up with its name back in the early 2000s, it was derived from New York's nightlife and gay culture....

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E46 – The Murder Of Eve Howells

*** Hi. As a huge thank you for your patience and understanding while I'm making some changes to Somebody Knows More, I've decided to release an extra episode for you this month.  Have a great weekend & please, stay safe! *** Can pre-meditated murder be justified? To some, the idea of murder is more palatable...

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E45 – The Monster Of Worcester

***CONTENT WARNING***This episode contains descriptions of a graphic nature regarding the murder of children. Listener discretion is advised. On a cold and wintery night in Worcester England, neighbours hear high-pitched screams pierce through the tranquil darkness. Even to the untrained ear, the screams sound as if they are coming from terrified children. Neighbours peer through...

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E44 – Adam – The Torso In The Thames

***CONTENT WARNING – THIS EPISODE FEATURES DESCRIPTIONS OF A CRIME AGAINST A CHILD***At about 4 PM on September 21, 2001, 32-year-old Aidan Minter was walking his usual route back home over Tower Bridge in central London. It was Friday afternoon, and usually, the area would have been filled with people. But since the 9/11 attacks...

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E43 – The Murder of Gemma McCluskie

March the 3rd, 2012, had started like any other Saturday for the police officer on duty in London's East End. But when two men, Tony and Danny McCluskie, and their friend Nicole stepped into the station, that evening instantly turned into one of those that the officers would never forget. As soon as Tony and...

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 On December 11, 1975, two police officers, Tony White and Stuart MacKenzie, were sat in their police panda car on a side road in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They were observing the passing traffic, keeping a lookout out for any drivers breaking the rules—but then they noticed a man behaving strangely on the pavement on the opposite...

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