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Why I Like Alitu Podcasting!

If you have ever worked in podcasting, you know there are many moving parts to this process. After voice recording (and that’s after a whole prior process of planning and scripting the recording), you will need to edit the recording, apply transitions and Ads, synchronize the audio interview, add some music, etc. Podcasting has truly turned into my labor of love. Though I had started podcasting with zero experience in technology, sound engineering, or editing, what I have found in Alitu had made me love the whole podcasting process even more! Here’s my honest opinion of Alitu and how it has helped me, a solo podcaster, put out higher quality shows in half the time!

Alitu is made for podcasters who need to sound great, focus on their content, and reduce the technical bits of recording and editing. In fact, Alitu can also be automated to clean up an audio recording. It’s saved me so much time- I used to take several hours to edit and prepare my audios. But now, I can’t believe how much time I have left after using Alitu!
How Does Alitu Work?

Alitu is an App that helps to automate the podcast editing process. Its features are user friendly and very intuitive to use. This app also allows you to add new recorded episodes, alter and link the sections of different speakers, and create a seamless listening experience for your audience.

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Why Should You Use Alitu?

  • It greatly reduces your podcast editing time from hours into minutes (my personal favorite!)
  • Alitu is very easy to use with simple recording and editing tools that use drag and drop.
  • It has a clean interface making it easy to work on.
  • Alitu will save you lots of money on expensive recording equipment.
  • It has a free selection and variety of music to add to your audio background. 
  • It has an automatic audio clean up feature so that your audio is crispy clear and message is audible.
  • Alitu has free courses and instructional videos that teach you how to get the most of its features.
    It is obvious, that Alitu is easy to use and big-time saving app that I have come to like!

How to Record and Edit in Alitu.
The processes with Alitu are so simple, here’s what it’s like working on it:

  1. Before you begin recording, on your home dashboard, select Add New Episode.
  2. Enter your new episode’s labels (episode title, number, creator, and so on).
  3. When you select Save Details, you can transfer prerecorded documents or record another sound document straightforwardly into Alitu. To do this, simply press Record and start your digital broadcast recording. voila!

The Key Features in Alitu

  1. It is Automated

The platform is able to save you time by automating a big chunk of your editing work. It is able to add and fade out music, join a series of clips together, convert and clean up audio recorded files, include tags and finally publish the recording. When you are editing, Alitu naturally tidies up your sound levels, including sound decrease, loud noises, murmur, coughs, unnatural pauses and much more.

2. It Can Be Branded
We all know how important branding is. With Alitu, you can pre-record your branded intro and outro jingles or what you like, and then set it for automatic placement into audio recordings. If you don’t have your jingles ready, you can create theme music from its free selection of tracks, and customize your jingles, effects and transitions.

3. Able to Publish Your Recording

When I had a recording that is ready, I was eager to publish it directly from the app to where I needed it to go. That was done automatically, which was quite impressive to me. Alitu also allows for the download and upload of files to where you need them to go.

For example, with Buzzsprout:
To distribute your episode to Buzzsprout, sign in to your record and select My Profile > API. Copy your API accreditations and your API Token and Podcast ID.
Then paste them into Alitu’s expected fields so the device can coordinate with your Buzzsprout account.

  • The Episode Builder 

This spreads out your tracks in an advantageous, exceptionally visual way. It also allows you to add audio tracks and apply changes with the click of a button. Here are other things you can edit and use in the episode builder.

1). Building The Episode
You can transfer your episodes audio folders from your library. This is an easy way to add different recordings and extra portions to your work from your audio folder.

2). Adding Highlights and Promotions

To make voiceover promotions or advertisements with sound, simply pick a track from Alitu’s music library and link it with the Music Clip Editor.

  • Music Clip Editor

With Alitu you can easily transfer your chosen music into your voice recording for a more professional touch.

  • Record directly on Alitu

Alitu also permits you to record into the App from your laptop or desktop computer. You can record solo episodes very easily using the voice recorder component to record your interviews and afterwards quickly edit the episodes in the episode developer.

Alitu’s Pricing

With regards to the effortlessness of the app, Alitu offers a very affordable price structure that is all-inclusive. You can choose between the monthly rate of $32 {£24} or choose the annual plan at just $320 with 2 months free. Give the app a try with the 7 days free trial and check out all the features that can save you loads of time.

Final Take Away

It’s clear that Alitu was made by podcasters for podcasters because it captures all the main pain points of the podcasting process. I highly recommend using Alitu for your podcasting processes. As the creative content you are, Alitu will help you get your mojo back for podcasting. Let it do the tech stuff so you can enjoy producing quality content and grow your audience.